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Social Media Metamorphosis:
How your favorite platforms are changing

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
2:00 PM Eastern

One of the most difficult aspects of using social media is that it changes faster than the weather. LinkedIn has quickly grown into a necessary platform for business and recently made major changes in their profiles. Facebook continues a strategy of monetization that could greatly affect its effectiveness for organizations. Google Plus is leveraging its ability to integrate with the world's biggest search engine to become ever-more important. Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are shaking up the status quo. Join John Armstrong, Senior Community Manager for Astek, an interactive digital marketing agency, for a discussion of the most recent changes in these social media platforms and how you should respond to better reach and engage your online audience.

Learn about...

- How Linkedin is changing business profile pages and how to optimize them
- How Facebook has altered how businesses reach their followers
- How Facebook sponsored tweets work and if they are right for your business
- What to expect from Google Plus in 2013 and why you should probably get on the bandwagon
- Twitter's new profile personalization opportunities
- Instagram's new website
- Pinterest updates

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